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Technology ServiceIn management, IT consulting can be seen as a four-tier system: professional services, staffing, independent consultants, and information technology security consultants. There are different reasons why people need IT consulting service, some of them are to get pieces of advice or/and recommendations or temporary help during a one-time project where it’s not necessary to hire a permanent employee. Some people have real-time business analytics and flexible processes enable professional services. That way, monitoring and responding will change with speed and ease. At AM Computer Solutions LLC, we provide professional technology service near Las Vegas, NV. Our professionals are highly-trained to give our customers the best results on projects and services like:

Computer repair – you have a broken computer that is running slow because it’s overheating or it’s turning off on its own? Don’t worry, we offer affordable hardware service, just when you need to finish your school project, or maybe want play a game. Why not?

Technology ServiceLocal software service – yes, you read that correctly. If you ever have a problem with a specialized software you need for your job or university – no worries, with the professional software service our employees provide, your computer or laptop will work just fine!

AM Computer Solutions LLC
Address: 7345 S. Durango Dr. #B107-361 Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 897-1557

Security installation – you have a virus that is corrupting your files? Why bother doing an operating system reinstallation? Just bring your computer, and we know how to get rid of all the bad viruses with the quality security installation service we offer to our clients. We make sure the nasty viruses never get back to your system ever again!

Our tech support is always ready to help if you need professional help by certified employees who always know what the customer needs from their personal computer, and it’s always ready to help. Do not hesitate to contact the support if you have something on your computer that is not working properly.

Call AM Computer Solutions LLC at (702) 897-1557, or feel free to come to our office in Las Vegas, NV for more information!

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